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Service Plan

PLAN A $350.00 (Parts Only)

Covers the price of parts listed twenty-four hours a day, all year long. Covers the labor for the annual overhaul and
tuneup only (see reverse side).

Work rendered after hours, on weekends or holidays will be billed at overtime rates.

Labor Rates:

Regular business hours = $152.00 per manhour (1 hour minimum)
Overtime hours = $228.00 per manhour (1 hour minimum)

(Please Note: Customers requesting overtime services should NOT expect a return telephone call prior to technician’s arrival)

Annual Overhaul And Tuneup

Should be performed once each year on all oil-fired appliances. The annual overhaul and tuneup will assure that your oil
burner is operating at the highest combustion efficiency possible with your particular piece of equipment. If your heating
system is in need of modernization, we will indicate as such.

In general, our annual overhaul and tuneup will include:

• Inspecting oil supply line for visible leaks
• Changing fuel line strainers, filters and gaskets
• Cleaning cadmium cell
• Cleaning nozzle assembly and replace nozzle
• Checking fuel pump, blast tube and combustion chamber
• Cleaning combustion air intake gate and burner fan housing
• Vacuuming combustion surfaces, flue passages and smoke pipe
• Checking draft and adjusting barometric damper

• Checking electrical contacts, electrodes and transformer

• Checking primary, aquastat and limit controls
• Lubricating motor bearings and circulators
• Clean or replace furnace air filter
• Checking low-water cutoff on steam boilers
• Performing a combustion test to adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency
• Leaving combustion efficiency evaluation slip at each appliance tested
• Verifying that system is in compliance with state and local codes

Annual Overhaul and Tuneup Labor Cost = $ call
(Parts and work additional to that listed above will be billed at prevailing rates)


Parts Covered

aquastat (high limit) (combo excluded)
aquastat (maintaining) (combo excluded)
burner coupling
burner fan wheel
burner motor
cadmium cell
cadmium cell bracket
delayed oil valve
firing head
furnace air filter (non-specialty)
fusible oil line valve
gun assembly
ignition leads

ignition transformer
nozzle adaptor
nozzle line filter
oil filter cartridge
oil filter gasket
oil burner pump
oil burner pump gasket
oil burner pump strainer
overhead thermal safety switch
primary control
service switch


• Each oil burner in a dwelling requires a separate policy.
• Equipment must be in good working condition up to current state and local code requirements.
• Equipment with asbestos jackets or insulation are ineligible for service policy coverage.
• Working environments with deteriorated asbestos are ineligible for all service.
• Unsanitary working environments will be ineligible for all service.
• G125 blue flame boilers are ineligible for service policy coverage.
• Customer must purchase their total annual heating oil requirements, 500 gallon minimum, from Bursaw Gas and Oil, Inc.
• Service policy coverage is purchased for one year and is subject to terms, restrictions and exclusions is listed herein.
Effective date of service policy will be on the first day of the month following the date of receipt of customer’s
order or the expiration date of the previous year’s policy, if one was in effect. Service policy will be self-renewing
for each successive year unless terminated by written notice by either party prior to the anniversary date. Payment
for service policy coverage required within thirty days of billing date. Overdue payment will automatically result
in cancellation of policy coverage.

• No prorated refund on service plans.
• Service policy may be cancelled if heating system is due for extensive modernization.
• The right to change rates and terms is hearby reserved.

What The Service Policy Does Not Cover Or Include

• Labor
• Travel Time
• Damage from fire, accident, unavoidable delays beyond our control or damage incurred by any person other than our authorized technicians. Abnormal conditions such as high or low voltage, flooding or strong winds requiring service or parts.
• Lack of customer attention such as oil burner off on safety reset, switches off, blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, thermostat not calling for heat, will-call delivery customer (or customer with overdue balance) being out of oil or low-water condition in steam boiler.
• Failure of low-water cut-off control on steam boilers. (This control should be flushed regularly — bi-weekly — by customer to prevent sediment from interfering with its operation.)

• Failure to have unit serviced on an annual basis.

Also excluded, but not limited to, are parts and labor for the following: thermostats, humidifiers, logomatic, system 2000
manager, air cleaners, motorized dampers, expansion tanks, zone valves, circulators, blower
assemblies, galvanized or insulated smokepipe, chimneys, water coils, hot water tanks, boilers (block), furnaces (heat
exchangers), radiators, steam and water pipes, warm air ducts, oil supply piping, fuel storage tanks, custom devices
added to original equipment (i.e. Enertrols, draft inducers and oil preheaters), obsolete parts that are no longer available,
equipment modernization, any work considered electrical, plumbing or sheet metal.
Service rendered will be billed at prevailing hourly rates and current list price for parts.

Gas Station Hours*:

• Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm
• Saturday: 6:30am-5pm
• Sunday: Closed

*Hours are subject to change with respect to holidays and impending weather.